STATEMENT | 3 June 2021

Thank-you for your support and understanding during the Bernie Mullane Indoor Stadium shutdown.

Stage 1 of our works is now completed, with the indoor sports courts refurbishment now completed. Stage 2 is still underway with refurbishment to the office, gym and café still to be completed. We thank you all for your patience and understanding as we pushed through the final building works to get the court area ready for play. Please note, works continue in other areas of the facility and only the entry foyer, toilets and court area will be accessible to the public for the next few weeks.

Bernie Mullane is a multi-purpose indoor/outdoor facility owned by The Hills Shire Council including soccer fields, netball courts and tennis courts as well as a playground, walking tracks and a dog park. Parking is shared amongst all these activities so please arrive early to leave adequate time to park. While the basketball courts are ready to go, we continue to work hard to finish the Gymnasium and Café. In the meantime there will be a vending machine available on site for drinks.

Thanks again for your patience during this time and we hope you enjoy being among the first ever participants to train on our brand new basketball courts.


Hills Basketball does not manage the Bernie Mullane Tennis Courts. All Questions relating to the Tennis Courts & Tennis Programs should be directed to The Hills Shire Council – Phone 1300 426 654

Hills Basketball does not manage the Bernie Mullane sports fields. All Questions relating to the Sports Fields (Grass/Synthetic) should be directed to:-

Hills Basketball does not manage the Bernie Mullane Playground. All Questions relating to the Playground should be directed to:-

Hills Basketball does not manage the Bernie Mullane Cricket Nets. All Questions relating to the Cricket Nets should be directed to:-

Hills Basketball does not manage the Bernie Mullane Dog Park. All Questions relating to the Dog Park should be directed to:-

  1. Please contact Belgravia directly regarding expiration date and any refund owing.
  2. Hills Basketball has recently announced BaiFit as the successful applicant for the sublicence for the Gym at Bernie Mullane Sports Complex (BMSC). Read their announcement HERE
  3. Please note current memberships will not rollover to the successful gym provider for BMSC. 
  4. Hills Basketball Association will extend the gym area to provide functional spaces for Strength & Conditioning and gym classes.
  5. The Bernie Mullane Sports Complex will be closed for refurbishment from Monday, 8 March for a period of 4 – 6 weeks. Unfortunately gym classes will not be available during this period. 
  1. Hills Basketball will upgrade flooring to timber sports floors. This upgrade will allow the courts to be used for Wheelchair Sports and are better suited to Basketball and other indoor sports, minimising impact on joints. HBA will also install glass backboards.
  2. The Association is currently seeking EOI’s for court hire. Booking systems, hire rates and availability will be released late March.
  3. Please note that Hills Basketball does not have a comprehensive list of current users. Anyone interested in booking should submit an EOI. Click here  to submit.
  4. All current users should receive notification from Belgravia regarding any current bookings. Please note that any bookings made with Belgravia after 8 March will not rollover to Hills Basketball.
  5. The Bernie Mullane Sports Complex will be closed from Monday, 8 March for a period of 4 – 6 weeks for refurbishment. Unfortunately courts are not available during this period. 
  1. Minor repairs will be carried out on the outdoor netball courts prior to the Winter 2021 season. 
  2. More substantial work will commence after the Winter 2021 season is completed. Dates to be confirmed.
  3. If you are a current user of the outdoor netball courts or would like to express an interest in booking, please Click here to submit EOI.

As you are aware, the Bernie Mullane Sports Complex will be closed from Monday, 8 March for a period of 4 – 6 weeks for refurbishment therefore courts are not available during this period. 

While HBA intends to offer some badminton bookings once BMSC reopens in April, an interim solution may be available at Badminton Worx at Norwest. This facility has 9 courts with another 8 due to come online mid-March. Bookings can be made directly by calling 1300 223 646 or via

The Association is currently seeking EOI’s for court hire. Booking systems, hire rates and availability at Bernie Mullane Sports Complex will be released late March.

  1. The foyer area will be upgraded and reconfigured and an office, meeting room and first aid room will be added. These additions will be included in initial works.
  2. At a later date but in the short term, the café will be upgraded to better service the wider community. 

Further enquiries please contact Steve Burke via

All Questions for Tennis, Sports Fields (Grass/Synthetic), Playground, Cricket Nets, Dog Park please direct to The Hills Shire Council Phone – 1300 426 654



STATEMENT | 29 April 2021

We are getting closer to the finish line at BMSC but the saying “the last leg of the race feels the longest” is proving to be true. After years of planning this exciting endeavour, we continue to encounter delays in the approval process which are beyond our control. We are thrilled to report however that the laying of the floors is complete, the floor sanding in its finals stages and brand new Ringleader glass backboards are being installed this week. Our team continues to work 7 days a week to complete the works and get the venue ready for your games and sessions ASAP. 

Some important things to note:


  • We will be in touch with you prior to BMSC games commencing. Please continue to check the game draw in the meantime for any updates.
  • You will be credited for games not played – hold off on paying your invoice if you are affected until we adjust the amount due.
  • We would like to offer FREE ½ court hire at Dural on Sunday 9th May to teams who have cancelled games. Please email to reserve a place.


  • We will refund you for any classes missed.
  • We will be in touch with you as soon as we are able to proceed with Hornets Academy sessions.

Thank you to all our members for your patience and understanding. We are extremely grateful to have you share in the journey of this exciting stage of growth with us. 

STATEMENT | 15 April 2021

It is an exciting period for the Hills Hornets as we expand into the incredible new facilities at the Bernie Mullane Sports Complex which will include a gym, netball courts, an outdoor ½ basketball court and 2 newly renovated basketball courts with a fully upgraded timber sports floor and brand-new Ringleader glass backboards, all within a beautiful reserve. Stage 2 (coming soon) will also include a fully revamped café, the quality equal to those of any other in the area. 

Sadly, even with additional facilities, demand currently well exceeds court space. Unfortunately, over 500 participants missed out on a spot. This saddens us as we would of course love to accommodate everybody and we continue to lobby at every level of government for more venues.  

While it is exciting we have taken over the management of Bernie Mullane, the bad news is we are running behind schedule on building works, due to circumstances beyond our control. We will update the status of Bernie Mullane courts as soon as any information is available.

We understand your disappointment in the delayed start date but please be assured we will supply refunds for all sessions missed. We will do everything in our power to get you on the court as soon as possible.

Thank you for being understanding and flexible in this exciting time of growth for Hills Hornets.

STATEMENT | 19 March 2021


Hills Basketball Association is excited to announce that BaiFit is the successful applicant for the operation of the gym at the Bernie Mullane Sports Complex. Read their announcement HERE

Strong expressions of interest were received from a number of businesses however the submission from BaiFit was a clear standout in addressing the balance of community needs, customer service and alignment with Hills Basketball values.

The venue is currently undergoing an upgrade which will see the gym space substantially increased and modernised. BaiFit is looking forward to welcoming their existing members to the new space whilst ensuring they also cater for the large community who have been part of the Bernie Mullane family in the past. Anyone interested in gym membership at Bernie Mullane is encouraged to complete a Baifit Expression of Interest form.

While building projects are notoriously difficult to timetable, Hills Basketball is still confident of reopening the facility for the start of Term 2 in mid-April and we look forward to welcoming the community to our upgraded courts and gym.

Further information regarding Hills Basketball’s management of the Bernie Mullane indoor courts and netball courts will be released shortly at Any enquiries regarding any aspect of Hills Basketball’s management of Bernie Mullane should be directed to

STATEMENT | 24 February 2021

Hills Basketball Association (HBA) is excited to commence operation of the Bernie Mullane Sports Complex (BMSC), which will include the indoor courts, gym, cafe and netball courts. Shortly after our agreement commences on 8 March 2021, HBA will undertake works to refurbish the indoor courts, expand the gym and reconfigure the foyer. Works to upgrade the café and resurface the netball courts are also scheduled down the track.

The work on the indoor courts will result in a significant upgrade to the playing area and make the space suitable for wheelchair sports. It includes a new timber sports floor and top-quality glass backboards. Initial works will also incorporate the reconfiguration of the foyer and a substantial increase to the gym area. Later works will include the development of a café to service the wider community and the resurfacing of the netball courts with a synthetic, all weather overlay.
HBA is continuing to work through the details of the upgrade with The Hills Shire Council and a final timetable will be communicated at the earliest opportunity. It is envisaged that the initial work will take 4 – 6 weeks.

While Basketball will form a significant part of the program at BMSC, we look forward to sharing the facility with other community organisations and continuing an involvement in a variety of sports and leisure activities. Should you require information regarding bookings please contact

For all other enquiries please do not hesitate to contact Steve Burke via


STATEMENT | 4 December 2020.

As you may be aware, Hills Basketball was recently awarded the licence to operate the BMSC for the next 5 years. We are confident of meeting certain benchmarks which will extend that period to a minimum of 20 years. This is welcome news for HBA with a surge of almost 20% in team entries for the current competition and similar demand for our Hornets Academy and other programs. With the population of the Shire projected to grow significantly over the next decade, all indications are that the Hornets community will continue to outstrip available facilities and we’ll be doing our best to meet that challenge.

While circumstances beyond our control have delayed the start of works at BMSC, early 2021 will see substantial investment by HBA with a timber sports floor and top quality backboards to be installed. This upgrade will not only allow us to maximise basketball opportunities but will make the facility suitable for wheelchair sports while continuing to service the current patrons of BMSC. At this stage, a timeline of March 2021 looks most realistic for this initial work.

Part of  our agreement with The Hills Shire Council will see HBA take responsibility for the 5 outdoor netball courts and these will also be upgraded at the earliest opportunity. A gym facility will continue to run out of the complex while other BMSC users will also be allocated court time. Plans are also on the drawing board to significantly upgrade the café at BMSC, opening it up to Livvi’s Place All-Access Playground and the patrons of the wider complex.

All the above will take place before we take on stage 2 which includes 2 additional indoor courts and other facilities.

I’m sure you’ll agree, there are exciting times ahead as basketball in the Hills continues to grow into its potential.

For further information please contact Steve Burke on 9894-8944 (ext 8) or