Hills Basketball Association reviews policies and procedures each season. Please find below links to policy documents relating to competitions and participation.


Hills Basketball Association reviews policies and procedures each season. Please find below policy documents relating to competitions, participation and attendance at the Hills Basketball Association managed venues. 

Please note details regarding Codes of Conduct, Child Protection, Taking Images of Children, Anti-Discrimination & Harassment, Alcohol, Pregnancy, Gender Identity, Bullying and Social Network Sites are all covered within the Basketball Australia Member Protection Policy (Basketball Australia National Integrity Framework).

Winter 2024 Competition By-Laws, click here to download

Click here to learn more about Uniform By-Laws 

Permitted Other Equipment, click here to download (Updated  July 2021)

Insurance Policy is provided through Basketball NSW by V-Insurance Group. Should Hills Basketball Association registered players become injured, they should in the first instance link to appropriate Insurance Company below.

Click here to link to insurance website. Should you have any problems please do not hesitate to phone the Insurance Broker V-Insurance on (02) 8599-8657.

Glory League Policy, click here to view (Updated February 2023)

Social Media Policy, click here to download (Draft March 2023)

Photography & Videography Policy, click here to download

Zero Tolerance Policy, click here to download

Codes of Conduct, click here to view.

BNSW Tribunal By-Laws, click here to view (link under Member Protection & Tribunal Heading)

Customer Service Policy, click here to download

Refund Policy, click here to download (Updated  April 2023)

Hornets Product Waiver, click here to download (Updated May 2022)

With extreme heat days occurring with greater frequency, Hills Basketball has recently consulted with Basketball Australia and Sports Medicine Australia and revised our Hot Weather Policy. We have also introduced several measures to ensure the safety and comfort of our patrons. Besides the policy itself, here are some relevant points regarding heat related issues:

  • The construction of the stadium is such that it is usually significantly cooler inside than the outside temperature.
  • On predicted extreme heat days, stadium staff take measures in the early morning to circulate as much cool air as possible to provide a manageable starting point at all our venues.
  • Shade protection has been added to the western wall of the Hills Basketball Stadium, reducing temperatures on courts 1 & 2 by 5+ degrees.
  • Hills Basketball has invested in air curtains which not only act as a barrier to the external hot air but also aid circulation in the foyer.
  • Air circulation in the playing areas is facilitated by industrial sized extractor fans in the larger hall (text removed) and 2 x 2m portable industrial fans in the smaller hall. Similar fans are employed at Bernie Mullane.

The measures above have been tested over consecutive days where the temperature hit 42+ degrees. Maximum temperature inside the stadium during this period was 33.5 degrees, well under the trigger point to postpone or cancel games. We trust you’ll continue to enjoy your time at Hills Basketball throughout the Summer.

Hot Weather Policy, click here to download


By registering with Hills Basketball Association, participant accepts the Basketball Network Participant Terms and ConditionsBasketball Australia National Integrity Framework and Hills Basketball Association policies & procedures (listed below); and that Hills Basketball Association are required to pass your personal information onto Basketball NSW, who will then forward to Basketball Australia’s database, known as the Basketball Network.

Click here to view Basketball Network Participant Terms & Conditions

Click here to view Basketball Australia National Integrity Framework.

Upon receipt of payment, your membership with Hills Basketball Association which includes registration with Basketball NSW, covers your insurance and other benefits for 365 days.

If you renew your registration within 30-days of its expiry, you acknowledge you are aware that your new expiry date is 12-months from the previous expiry date.

To represent Hills Basketball Association is a privilege not to be taken lightly. Involvement in our Representative Program not only reflects outstanding individual skills but also implies a sound understanding of the positive philosophies of development, teamwork and sportsmanship. Accordingly, the following documents define the minimum standard of performance and behaviour expected of all participants involved with the Hills Hornets Representative Program, any of the Basketball NSW Leagues, Championships or Development Programs.



In accepting a position within a HBA Representative team you are agreeing to Basketball NSW’s Representative/Development Player Agreement and Codes of Conduct. Click here to view Representative/Development Player Agreement. Click here to view BNSW Codes of Conduct.



In accepting a position within a HBA Representative team you are agreeing to Basketball NSW’s Terms & Conditions and Codes of Conduct. Click here to view Representative Team Official Terms & Conditions. Click here to view BNSW Codes of Conduct.


Click here to download FIBA Official Rules

Click here to download FIBA 3X3 Rules





Hills Basketball Association Member Protection Officer | Steve Burke

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