BORN 2013 – 2016

Miniball is the first step for transitioning your child into playing local competition. Miniball caters for U9 – U12 age groups (2013 – 2016 born). It is recommended that Miniballers have previously participated in the Hornets Academy Skills program. 

If you want to play Miniball in the Summer 23/24 Competition but do not have a team, please watch our Miniball Webinar below. Once you have watched the Miniball Webinar, you will be able to complete the nomination form for your child to play in our Summer 23/24 season. 


Contact Competitions on 9894-8944


View Frequently Asked Questions HERE


Games commence at 11:15am, starting with U9’s and working through the age groups.

U9 | Girls born 2016 or later | Saturday

U9 | Boys born 2016 or later | Saturday

U10 | Girls born 2015 or later | Saturday

U10 | Boys born 2015 or later | Saturday

U11 | Girls born 2014 or later | Saturday

U11 | Boys born 2014 or later | Saturday

U12 | Girls born 2013 or later | Saturday

U12 | Boys born 2013 or later | Saturday


  • Meet Your Team Day | Saturday 7 October 2023
  • Season commences the week of Monday, 9 October 2023 & concludes Saturday, 13 April 2024.
  • Week 1 Invoice #1 for Court Fees distributed
  • Week 3 Invoice #1 closes online
  • Week 4 Invoice #1 closed. Teams not permitted to play if full payment not received.
  • Week 4 Uniform by-laws enforced
  • Week 5 Team rosters finalised
  • Week 5 – 9 Competitions reviewed 
  • Semi Final / Placing Week – 24 March to 6 April 2024
  • Grand Final Week – 7 April to 13 April 2024


  • Junior holiday break – Monday 18 December 2023 to Saturday 27 January 2024 (inclusive).
  • Senior holiday break – Monday 18 December 2023 to Sunday 14 January 2024 (inclusive).
  • Public Holidays – no competition played (all grades) on Easter Long Weekend, Friday 29 March to Monday 1 April 2024 (inclusive).

Games are played at Hills Basketball Association managed facilities:

CASTLE HILL | Hills Basketball Stadium, Fred Caterson Reserve, Caterson Drive, Castle Hill.

KELLYVILLE | Bernie Mullane Sports Complex, Marella Avenue, Kellyville.

DURAL | Dural Recreation Centre, 36Z Pellitt Lane, Dural (next to Dural Library)

Click here for further information.



One-off payment per team to secure position within a competition. Team members will be sent their individual dashboard details during this process. It is extremely important that Managers provide correct details during this process.

$75 (U9-U12 competitions)

Please note that Affiliate fees are available for players who are currently registered at a NSW Basketball affiliated Association. Proof of registration is required when affiliating. Affiliated players can not pay affiliations online. All affiliations must be completed at the venue. Please note that affiliation expiry date must match your primary registration expiry. Affiliate fees are – Miniball $40, Junior $55 and Senior $70.


Each player is required to pay an annual registration fee. Registration includes individual player injury insurance and affiliation to Basketball NSW. Please note that all players are responsible for their own registration status. Registration can be completed online. Please note that each user has a unique username & password. Registrations are Active Kids Voucher eligible.

$105 (online) per annum  *$110 (front desk)


 The game fee  is a team cost. Based on actual games played, does not include byes or Grand Finals. The Team Manager will receive an invoice week 1 for the season for team game fees. Upon receipt of invoice, the Team Manager is asked to advise team members their portion of game fees and ask them to pay their individual portion online. Game fees are Active Kids Voucher eligible.

$85 per game

Season credits, forfeits and/or redraw invoices will be calculated after semi-final round.

Singlets – Teams formed through individual noticeboard or Hornets Academy will play in a Hornets Academy reversible singlet, available for purchase at the Hills Basketball Stadium for $45. Please make sure that each player in the team has a different number.

Shorts – Teams formed through individual noticeboard or Hornets Academy are also asked to wear black shorts (no pockets). Black shorts are available from a variety of retail outlets but can also be purchased at Hills Basketball Stadium for $45.

Your team only needs to supply one person per game. Team Manager is asked to roster one parent/supporter per game to undertake scoretable duties throughout the season. Hills staff will provide assistance for the first few weeks of the competition. Team Managers are asked to provide a roster to all members of the team so that each member knows when it is their turn to undertake scoretable duties. Please note the scoretable official should be minimum 14years+

Want to learn more about Scoretable duties click here.

We’ll be hosting a MEET YOUR TEAM DAY on Saturday, 7 October 2023 (please save the date in your calendar). Full details will be sent via email prior to event. This will give the players a chance to meet the other members of their team and train together prior to the season commencing.

*Lowered Ring Heights – 8ft 6″.

*Size 5 Basketball

*On Floor Coach.

*Non-Competitive (Game Scores Not Displayed)


Court space at Hills Basketball Association venues for training sessions is unfortunately very limited. Some teams choose to organise their own training sessions at external venues (e.g. high schools) or individuals choose to continue their development in the Hornets Development Program, developed for local competition players only. For further information, click here.

We begin the process of forming teams from the individual nominations that are received. 

SAVE THE DATE | MEET YOUR TEAM DAY at Hills Basketball Stadium on Saturday 7 October 2023. If you have not received any communication from the competitions department by Monday 25 September 2023, please contact us via

We’ll keep you in the loop and ready for a great season of basketball.