Hills Basketball Association provides an award winning Referee Program. Qualified officials service both local competition, local school competitions and our representative program. The program has won the NSW Referee Program of the Year Award in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018.


To ensure Hills Basketball Association continues to produce both outstanding officials and program, the guidelines attached have been incorporated into the program to provide structure and consistency.

TO START REFEREEING book into the next available Community Referee Course or give us a call on 9894-8944 (ext 4).


Referees must complete all forms & have a current registration with NSW Basketball/Hills Basketball prior to being rostered to local competition, external or representative games. Registration status is the responsibility of the referee.

Click here to submit your Winter2021 local competition availability.

Please click here to submit a Non-availability form online. Please note this must be submitted seven (7) days prior to non-availability. 

Please click here to submit a Replacement Referee Notification. Please note that if a roster has been PUBLISHED, it is the responsibility of the Referee to find a replacement of the same level or above.

Click here to view Referee Codes of Conduct.

  • Referees must behave in a professional manner both on and off the court.
  • They must treat fellow officials with dignity when refereeing, playing, coaching or spectating. This applies to comments made at any time, either verbally or through social media such as (but not limited to) Facebook and Twitter.
  • When offered advice by Referee Coaches or an on court mentor/ game mentor, referees should listen to advice given and politely ask questions if clarification is needed. Referees should never argue with the referee coach or mentor.
  • All players, officials & spectators must abide by the Association Codes of Conduct.
  • All referees must be registered with Basketball NSW. Cost of registration belongs to the individual. If registered as a player, they are covered, however will require details to be included on registration.
  • Must referee a minimum of two (2) games per week to maintain their badge. School events and special events (family and school) are acceptable reasons for non-availability.
  • Officials must have their own equipment and uniform (local and representative).
  • Local Competition – Referee’s uniform shall consist of a striped referee shirt, black shorts and running shoes. Black pants are compulsory on semi finals and grand finals (all local competitions).
  • Black pants are compulsory on Premier League/A Grade local competition games.
  • External Services – Referee’s uniform shall consist of a striped referee shirt, black pants and black or white running shoes.
  • Representative Program – Referee’s uniform shall consist of a striped referee shirt (or as required by BNSW), black pants and black running shoes.
  • T1 and T2 referees will wear the “Green Shirt” provided by Hills Basketball on completion of the Community Referee Course. On graduation to a Community Referee AC, referees are required to purchase a striped referee shirt.
  • Referees are required to remove or cover their striped referee shirt/”Green Shirt” before and after they have officiated.
  • The aim of the Coloured Shirt Program is to make beginner/inexperienced officials easily recognisable to all players, coaches and spectators with the objective that people will identify these officials are learning and will be tolerant of mistakes.
  • Rosters are based on availability forms lodged at the commencement of the season.
  • Should officials know that they are unavailable to fulfill their normal roster at least 7 days prior to their games, a non-availability should be submitted. Click here to submit online. 
  • It is the responsibility of each referee to make sure they are aware of their rostered refereeing commitments by checking the roster.
  • The Officials Administrator, Officials Manager or Game Supervisor reserve the right to alter match allocations as required.
  • Officials rostered to a FORFEIT are required to act as a referee mentor on court (as allocated by the Game Supervisor) in order to receive payment. Payment is as a Referee, not Referee Coach.
  • Every referee must report to the Game Supervisor at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the first match they are rostered to officiate.
  • If a referee is late, he/she must phone and advise the Game Supervisor.
  • Officials who withdraw from their game must find their own replacement (same badge or above). Please click here to submit a Replacement Referee Notification. Please note that if a roster has been PUBLISHED, it is the responsibility of the Referee to find a replacement of the same level or above.
  • Withdrawing from games without notification causes additional workload/stress for the other rostered official and the Game Supervisor.
  • Referees who continually fail to find their own replacements may be subject to a suspension by the Officials Manager.
  • Any issue relating to a game involving a player, coach, official or spectator should be documented to the Game Supervisor. Should time not permit the issue should be addressed with the Officials Manager at officials@hillshornets.com.au, the morning following the night of the incident.
  • Should an incident/citation be referred to a Tribunal it is compulsory that the official attends. Tribunals are usually held on the same day of incident, but a week later. Should the official be under 18 a guardian may be present at the Tribunal (either a parent or a senior official).
  • Officials will be reviewed regularly, however if you would like to be reviewed for upgrade please forward an email to officials@hillshornets.com.au with your details and an appropriate referee coach will be made available to observe your officiating.

Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact the Officials Manager on 9894-8944 or officials@hillshornets.com.au

Should you require assistance during local competition please see the Game Supervisor or phone the Referee Room on 9894-8944 (ext 9).


Trainee with Trainer T1  $6.00 Running with a qualified Trainer
Trainee T2 $7.00 Without Trainer
Association Community AC  $8.00  
Association Development AD $11.00  
Association Intermediate AI $15.00  
Association Advanced AA $16.00  
State Development SD $20.00 Basketball NSW Accreditation
State S  $23.00 Basketball NSW Accreditation
National Development ND $26.00 Basketball Australia Accreditation
National N $30.00 Basketball Australia Accreditation


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Who do I see for injury or an on-court issue?2019-08-21T17:10:29+10:00

Please approach a Hills Basketball Supervisor, wearing a red jacket or polo with ‘Supervisor’ on the back. If you can’t locate staff member on floor, please go to Reception. Ice is available from the Supervisor or Reception.

Where do spectators sit during a game?2019-08-20T15:38:48+10:00

To facilitate best practice game management, team benches are only to be occupied by players, coach and manager. All spectators are required to be seated on the opposite side of the court or in the grandstands.

What happens when a tech foul is issued?2019-08-20T18:30:18+10:00

Any player assessed with a technical or unsportsmanlike foul during a game will be required to leave the court for a period of no less than 5 minutes. If substitutes are available, this player may be replaced. Should the same player be assessed with a 2nd technical or unsportsmanlike foul, s/he will be ejected from the game and the stadium.

What are the rules of Basketball?2021-03-22T16:03:27+11:00

Click here to view FIBA Basketball Rules & Regulations.

What is the pathway for a REFEREE?2019-08-21T12:18:40+10:00

Click here to download REFEREE PATHWAY.


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