The role of the referee coach is important in the on going development of young referees.  Rule knowledge is the foundation of a good referee but experience and continual feedback helps to mould and develop young referees and enhance their on court performance.

Each year, a range of training programs are conducted which are specifically designed for referee coaches and cater for the beginner coach through to the very experienced referee coach. Our approach to referee coaching is based around providing an environment of continual development and support. Hills Basketball is seen as leader in Australia for developing new and innovative programs and ways to recruit, train and develop referee coaches. 
Hills Basketball has an established group of Referee Curriculum Coaches (RCC) who observe and assess referees throughout our local competition program. 

To find out who your RCC is, contact or ask the Game Supervisor. 

REFEREE COACH COURSES |This course is ideal for people who are interested in becoming a Referee Coach and mentoring beginner/less experienced referees. Before applying it is recommended that applicants contact HBA Officials Manager prior to the commencement of the course, to obtain an understanding of referee coaching and/or mentoring.

Interested in becoming a Referee Curriculum Coach, Referee Coach or Trainer please contact us at

Officials will be reviewed regularly, however if you would like to be reviewed for upgrade please forward an email to with your details and an appropriate referee coach will be made available to observe your officiating.

Please note | While officials will be observed and assessed at all levels, Hills Basketball Association can only provide upgrades up until Association Advanced. From that point Basketball NSW and Basketball Australia will assess.

Community Referee Assessment Form

Development Referee Assessment Form

Intermediate Referee Assessment Form

Advanced Referee Assessment Form

Contact the Officials Department on 9894-8944