Hills Basketball Association offers two levels of coaching accreditation, Community and Local Coaching courses. From this point Basketball NSW provides accreditation for State level grades.

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The COMMUNITY COACHING COURSE is an ONLINE entry level accreditation course. Teaches the basics of coaching the game.  After completing this level, coaches are encouraged to attend the Local Coaching Course to help them build a team and apply curriculum benchmarks.

The LOCAL COACHING COURSE is vital for all Hills Basketball Association local competition coaches. The information contained within this course is specific to the HORNETS STYLE OF PLAY, providing curriculum, training sessions and age group benchmarks. Essential for anyone coaching within the Hills Hornets Local Competition. Building a bigger and better platform for all players and coaches.


The BNSW CLUB COACHING COURSE Information contained within this course is very broad and touches upon all the major elements involved within coaching a team at Association levels of competition. It is nationally accredited and is mandatory for coaches who wish to coach at Representative level. 2 Years accreditation, recognised by Basketball Australia.

Complete the course and head to our “JOIN OUR TEAM” page to apply to become a Hornets Academy Coach.

The BNSW ASSOCIATION COACHING COURSE (Formerly Level 2) suited for higher representative grade coaches (including Premier, State Teams etc) The Association Coach Course is delivered 1-2 times a year in both metropolitan and regional NSW. It is typically viewed as a level of accreditation that provides coaches with some specialised learnings from experts from various fields within basketball. For a coach to register to an Association Coach Course with BNSW, they must hold their Club Coach Accreditation for at least 1 year and be a minimum age of 21.