Hills Basketball Association offers several TRAINING programs to help the athlete evolve. Something for everyone at every stage of their development.

Select your child’s age and then explore the options. 3-5yrs | 5-7yrs | 7-12-yrs | 12-17yrs | Specialty

  • Beginner to Intermediate:

    For those starting out in Basketball or have just ventured into our local competition, the Hornets Academy program is best suited. Two different programs offered:

    Skills Sessions – Largest program in Australia. Term bookings, providing one hour classes developing sound fundamentals. Sessions available Tuesday-Saturday.

    Hornets Academy Holiday Camps – Variety of camps available ranging on 5-12years, 9-12years and 13-17years. 

  • Intermediate to Advanced:

    Now that you’re playing in our local competition, it’s time to refine your skills through our Play & Train program. Established to assist young athletes develop both their individual game and commence working on team concepts. This program is only available for local competition players. Two programs are available within the Play & Train program.

    Play & Train Training Sessions – Term bookings. This program is for local competition players only. Separate sessions for girls and boys. 

    Play & Train Development Camps – Variety of camps available for 9-12years and 13-17years. Separate camps for girls and boys.

  • Advanced Local Competition Players

    Wanting to make the move from local competition to a representative player? Hornets Prep4Reps is an intensive program conducted from September to October each year in the lead up to representative trials.  

    The program is for local competition athletes (non-rep players) who are either looking to attend representative trials or to become a more dynamic, competitive and skilled local competition player. Sessions will focus on individual skills, team concepts and decision making. The program consists of weekly sessions and a camp. Details will be released approximately July each year.

7-12 YEARS
12-17 YEARS