As you may be aware, Hills Basketball was recently awarded the licence to operate the BMSC for the next 5 years. We are confident of meeting certain benchmarks which will extend that period to a minimum of 20 years. This is welcome news for HBA with a surge of almost 20% in team entries for the current competition and similar demand for our Hornets Academy and other programs. With the population of the Shire projected to grow significantly over the next decade, all indications are that the Hornets community will continue to outstrip available facilities and we’ll be doing our best to meet that challenge.

While circumstances beyond our control have delayed the start of works at BMSC, early 2021 will see substantial investment by HBA with a timber sports floor and top quality backboards to be installed. This upgrade will not only allow us to maximise basketball opportunities but will make the facility suitable for wheelchair sports while continuing to service the current patrons of BMSC. At this stage, a timeline of March 2021 looks most realistic for this initial work.

Part of  our agreement with The Hills Shire Council will see HBA take responsibility for the 5 outdoor netball courts and these will also be upgraded at the earliest opportunity. A gym facility will continue to run out of the complex while other BMSC users will also be allocated court time. Plans are also on the drawing board to significantly upgrade the café at BMSC, opening it up to Livvi’s Place All-Access Playground and the patrons of the wider complex.

All the above will take place before we take on stage 2 which includes 2 additional indoor courts and other facilities.

I’m sure you’ll agree, there are exciting times ahead as basketball in the Hills continues to grow into its potential.

For further information please contact Steve Burke on 9894-8944 (ext 8) or