Our Winter 3x3Hustle was a huge success, with over 90 teams taking on the challenge. Whilst we had to dust the cobwebs off our 3X3 basketballs which haven’t been used since Summer, our players skill levels were at an all time high.

3X3 is an exciting competition which allows for players to work on being an aggressive scorer, and containing their player on defence. 3X3 also allows athletes to accumulate points for each competition they play in, with bonus points for successful results. These points then contribute to their overall ranking. So the more you play, the higher you rank. 

Our next 3X3 tournament will take place in the Spring school holidays on the Wednesday 7th October.

Make sure to enter your team so you can IMPROVE YOUR RANKING. 

U11 BOYS: Avengers (9) DEF. Boomers (6)

U11 GIRLS: Flamettes (7) DEF. Galaxy Girls (1)

U13 BOYS REPS: Get Blocked (6) DEF. Sydney Pirates (4)

U13 BOYS LOCAL: All Star 3 (15) DEF. Wolverines (11)

U13 GIRLS REPS: Magic (15) DEF. Happy Hornets (6)

U13 GIRLS LOCAL: Yellow Jackets (5) DEF. Wonderbolts (2)

U15 BOYS REPS: Dream Team (11) DEF. Blazers (4)

U15 BOYS LOCAL: Phenoms (9) DEF. The Boyss (6)

U15 GIRLS REPS: Sparks (12) DEF. Huskies (10)

U17/19 BOYS REPS: Poomba (14) DEF. Joel George (13)

U17 BOYS LOCAL: Nitro (7) DEF. Everybody Loves Draymond (6)

U17 GIRLS REPS: Nuggets (12) DEF. Unicorns (11)

U19 GIRLS REPS: Norths 19 (11) DEF. Fantastic Fishies (8)