Hills Basketball has made the decision to conclude the Summer 19/20 season as of the last round played. Premiers and Runners Up will be determined by the 1st place and 2nd place ladder position as of Sunday, 15 March 2020 (inclusive). Trophies will be available for collection when the Stadium reopens by the Team Manager or representative. Trophies cannot be collected  individually.

See the final standings below. 

Monday 1st   2nd
U13 Boys A/B Wolverines   Oakhill Anklebreakers
U13 Boys C1 Oakhill Dreamteam   Swish
U13 Boys C2 Hills Grammar Titans   Coyotes
U13 Boys C3 Wildcats   Sydney Blazers 13
U15 Boys A Excalibur   Snipers
U15 Boys B1 Sydney Blazers 15   Maulers
U15 Boys B2 Supreme Suns   Legends
U15 Boys C1 Extreme Team   Ac Stars
U15 Boys C2 Oakhill Ballstars   Hills Grammar Heat
Premier League Men Falafels   Bulls
Snr Men A Mr Tumnus   CCU
Snr Men B1 Average Joe’s   Elements
Snr Men B2 Juggernauts   Sloths
Snr Men C1 Misfits   Nothing but Nets
Snr Men C2 808’s & Fastbreaks   Hoh
Snr Men C3 Dangerous Crew   El Diablos
Snr Men D1 Renegades   Momento Allstars
Snr Men D2 Salt Baes   Miami Vice
Tuesday 1st   2nd
U13 Girls A Blue Shooting Stars   Baller Queens
U13 Girls B Tangara Wizards   Purple Blaze
U14 Girls A Heat Waves   Flames
14 Girls B Alley Oops 5   Hangtime 17
U14 Boys A Splash Bros   And Too
U14 Boys B1 Komodo   Oakhill Splash Brothers
U14 Boys B2 Wolfpak   Hustle Orange 14
U14 Boys B3 Super Swishers   Redfield Racers 1
U14 Boys C1 The Creepers   Jordan’s 7
U14 Boys C2 Hot Shots   Hustle Blue 14
U14 Boys C3 Oakhill Bears   Oakhill Allstars
Premier League Women Bahd Gurlz   Dream Team
Snr Wmn A/B Llamas   Y-Not
Snr Wmn C1 Rebels   High Flyers
Snr Wmn C2 Blue Dragons   A-team
Snr Wmn D1 Komodo   Embers 2.0
Snr Wmn D2 Wonderballerz 2   The Remixes
Wednesday 1st   2nd
U16 Boys A Marvels   Excalibur II
U16 Boys B1 The Amigos   Oakhill Downtowners
U16 Boys B2 Oakhill Blazers   Green Beams
U16 Boys C1 Raptors   Northholm Wizards 16
U16 Boys C2 Anti Driving Club   Unicorn Fam
U16 Boys C3 Hustle Yellow 16   Hoh – Wizards
U22 Men A Oakhill Hurricanes   Hoopstars
U22 Men B Lions   Banter
U22 Men C1 Joe   Metro
U22 Men C2 Airborne   Northholm Bulls 22
U22 Men C3 Ablaze   Creed
U22 Men C4 Rams   Hoh – Hawks
U22 Men C5 Triple B   Slashers
Masters Men Green Game of Zones   Wild Hogs
Masters Men White Basket Cases   Space Marines
Thursday 1st v 2nd
U15 Girls A Heat Waves   Sparks
U15 Girls B Pythons 15   Bennies 2
U16 Girls A Dunkin Divas   Dynamite
U16 Girls B Tangara Spirit   Pythons 16
U22 Women A Vandals   All Stars
U22 Women B Infinity   One Dream
Snr Men A Patriots   Tella Ballers
Snr Men B1 Athelites   The Eagles
Snr Men B2 Savages   Wasted Potential
Snr Men C1 Thrillhouse   All Stars
Snr Men C2 Simple 7   Castle Towers
Snr Men C3 Pirates   Flame Dragons
Snr Men D1 Notorious   Golden Bandits
Snr Men D2 Norwest Heat   Hoberns
Friday 1st   2nd
U17 Boys A Crusherz   Blue Devils 17
U17 Boys B Wolverines    Oakhill Boomers
U17 Boys C1 Hawks   Cookies & Kareem
U17 Boys C2 Papa Hoops   Manila Vanilla
U17 Girls A Sparklers   Unicorns
U17 Girls B Tangara Survivors   Hills Grammar Wildcats
U18 Boys A That Team   Those Guys
U18 Boys B Oakhill Airball   Straight Buckets
U18 Boys C1 Crusaders   Brick City
U18 Boys C2 Trixies Men   Sydney Blazers 18 Stars
U18 Girls A Mystics   Tidal Waves
U18 Girls B Swifts U18   Blue Devils
Saturday 1st   2nd
U11 Boys A/B Avengers Black   Bladers
U11 Boys C1 Wizards   Redfield Rascals 1
U11 Boys C2 Redfield Rascals 2   Thunderbolts
U11 Girls A/B Little Swish Sisters   Galaxy Girls
U12 Boys A Rebels   Wolverines
U12 Boys B Assasins   Raptors
U12 Boys C1 Triple Threat 20   Rebounders
U12 Boys C2 The Warriors   Double Dribblers
U12 Boys C3 Highhoopers   Triple Threat 17
U12 Girls Green All Stars   Hustle Sparkles 12
U12 Girls White Tangara Tigers   Tangara Wrens
Sunday 1st   2nd
Unisex A/B Eels …. Nuff Said!   Lackers
Unisex C1 Bobby’s Boys   Scrantonicity
Unisex C2 October 21   High Flyers
Unisex D1 Bruh   The Nuts
Unisex D2 Amdg   Strength
Unisex D3 Ballerie   Hoops I Did It Again
Unisex D4 100x   Sausages 2.0
Sunday Mens Hurricanes   Rush Hour

Unfortunately due to these unprecedented times, the Hills Basketball Association was required to cancel the remainder of the Summer 2019/2020 season. For more information regarding the decisions and refunds, click here