On Saturday 10 September, Hills Basketball had the privilege of hosting Australian Bronze Medalist and NBA athlete, Patty Mills, for his first ever camp in Sydney. Along with renowned trainer DJ Sackman, Patty came and showed over 400 young athletes how the best of the best prepare for greatness. The way that Patty Mills and his team connected with the attendees of the camp was a sight to be seen, giving each one individual and meaningful interactions that will undoubtedly become life long memories.
Last visiting the Hive in 2005 for the Youth Olympics, with our very own Hornets MVP Ben Graham as a floor wiper, Patty returns with Ben on his tour staff and even challenging him 1-on-1 at the Sydney camp.
A huge thank you to the coaches and staff who volunteered their time to make this event possible and thank you to the Patty Mills team for allowing Hills Basketball to be a part of this amazing event and opportunity.
Steve Burke, Hornets CEO said “We’ve had a lot of amazing events in the Hive over the years but this one ranks as an incredible highlight. The camp was high quality but the unique experience of watching Patty work out was next level. Patty comes across as nothing but genuine and in person, even more so. The time he took to interact with the kids, coaches and staff was amazing. Can’t wait till Patty’s next visit to the Hive!”
The camps were designed for young athletes between the ages 12-17 with a specific focus on advanced player-development skill work and how to incorporate those skills into real game-like situations. 

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