In a weekend of firsts, Hills Basketball Association hosted our first ever NBL1 home game and our inaugural ‘Officials Round!’ The Officials Round was a celebration of HBA referees, referee coaches, statisticians and scoretable officials that make our program what it is today. Boasting a range of exciting activities including media, guest speakers and on-floor workshops, Hills Basketball wanted to recognise, support, and champion a pillar of our basketball community. While small in comparison to all that our officials do for the association, it was Hills Basketballs way of saying one simple thing…THANK YOU!

As the largest Basketball Association in NSW, the demands for servicing our extensive local competitions, representative program and 3×3 tournaments prove difficult at times. It is thanks to our officials who continue to put their hand up week in and week out that ensures our community has a safe, enjoyable, and competitive experience while on the floor. Their dedication, hard work, and passion is one of the many reasons why our Association continues to prosper today.

Always determined and committed to recognising and expanding our services from grassroots to the international stage, our Officials are proving to be leaders in all areas of Basketball. 

Through education programs, workshops, elite development frameworks and a Referee Curriculum Coaching system, our officials are provided the opportunity to develop and progress through the levels when they are truly ready, ensuring long term success.

Each year we will continue to recognise officials, celebrate past and present, while opening our doors to those beginning or returning to officiating. Thank you to all officials for their continued service, we hope you enjoyed your day of celebration.

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