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The Northwest Primary Challenge is the largest Basketball primary school one-day tournament in Sydney and is open to students from Year 3 to 6. We encourage all schools to enter a girls and boys side as part of the competition!

Games are played at the Hills Basketball Stadium, Fred Caterson Reserve, Castle Hill. Teams will play a minimum of 3 games.

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to Covid-19. We are currently exploring the future of this competition and will be in contact with all schools should this event be rescheduled.

Click here to enter your team. 

$140 Nomination Fee per team includes all court fees, door fees and referee payments (Minimum of three (3) games per team).

Please make cheques payable to Hills Basketball Association. Entry Forms will be emailed to schools however should you require further information please do not hesitate to phone Danielle D’Morias on 9894-8944 (ext 1) or email danielle@hillshornets.com.au.

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Please arrive at 8:45am. Games commence at 9am.

  • Junior Girls (yrs 3&4)
  • Junior Boys (yrs 3&4)
  • Senior Girls (yrs 5&6)
  • Senior Boys (yrs 5&6)
  • Teacher or approved parent must coach/manage team.
  • Each team must provide a scorer.

Hills Basketball Association is an approved Covid Safe facility. Please find our current Covid-19 spectator rules here.

  • Basketballs will be supplied
  • Teams must be in matching singlets, numbers clearly marked.
  • Teams must be in matching shorts, no pockets.

Coming soon ….

For further information please phone Danielle D’Morias on 02 9894-8944 or danielle@hillshornets.com.au

Read our Return to Basketball document here.








What size Basketball should I use?2019-10-09T19:06:29+11:00

Recommended ball size for competition, Hornets Academy & 3×3:

  • Competition | Female: U9-Senior (Size 6)
  • Competition | Male: U9-U14 (Size 6), U15-Senior (Size 7)
  • Hornets Academy | 3-5years (Size 3 or 4 depending on size of child), 5-7years (size 5), 8years+ as per competition.
  • 3X3 | All competitions play with a 3X3 Basketball (Size 6 but weight of Size 7).
What do I need to do at the first skills session?2019-10-08T12:01:56+11:00

On the first day of Skills, parents and children are asked to visit reception and view the PLAYER COURT ALLOCATION ROSTER. Please assemble on your allocated court and wait coaches instructions. Parent are welcome to join the group courtside.

Where can I fill my drink bottle?2019-08-18T12:47:15+10:00

The bathrooms are equipped with tapware designed to fill drink bottles. At the Hills Basketball Stadium (Castle Hill) a water refill station is available in the courtyard, which is located at the end of the foyer (past the canteen) on the left. 

Who do I see for injury or an on-court issue?2019-08-21T17:10:29+10:00

Please approach a Hills Basketball Supervisor, wearing a red jacket or polo with ‘Supervisor’ on the back. If you can’t locate staff member on floor, please go to Reception. Ice is available from the Supervisor or Reception.

When can I use my Active Kids Voucher?2019-10-07T23:43:25+11:00

An Active Kids voucher can be used 8 week programs. Option only available online and will appear at payment window should the program be suitable under Office of Sports guidelines. Please note that players first name, surname and date of birth must match Hills Basketball database and Services NSW/Office of Sport database. If an error occurs please contact the stadium prior to proceeding. For further information click here.

Are make-up classes available for Hornets Academy?2019-08-11T15:34:47+10:00

Due to numbers, duty of care and court capacity we don’t have the ability to provide make up classes. You do not need to advise the Stadium you will be unable to attend however it will be noted at rollcall.

When do I re-enroll for Hornets Academy Skills Sessions?2019-08-20T18:31:03+10:00

HORNETS ACADEMY SKILLS SESSIONS open online week 6 of each term for the next terms intake. 

What is the pathway for a PLAYER?2019-09-02T17:37:43+10:00
What is the height of a backboard?2019-10-01T11:51:24+10:00

The top of the hoop is 10 feet (305 cm) above the ground. Regulation backboards are 72 inches (183 cm) wide by 42 inches (110 cm) tall. All basketball rims (hoops) are 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter. The inner rectangle on the backboard is 24 inches (61 cm) wide by 18 inches (46 cm) tall.

Click here to view FIBA Equipment regulations

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