From Monday 12 – Sunday 18 June, we hosted our annual Mental Health Round with the NBL1 raising money for Lifeline.
The goal of the week was not only to raise money for an organisation that provides support for those in crisis, but to raise awareness about a cause that impacts so many of our lives. 8.6 Australian die every day by suicide, 75% of which are male, and the rates double in Indigenous communities.
On Saturday night, Matt Caruana, a member of our Hills Hornets Waratah Wheelchair team and a Hornets Academy coach, spoke at our Mental Health Round fixture in his capacity as a Lifeline ambassador. Matt made an attempt to end his own life when he was just 17 years old, ultimately rendering him a paraplegic, yet he has now dedicated his life to telling his story and hopefully making a difference in the lives of other people. During his brief speech, Matt’s basic message was that just as in Basketball we need help from team members to be our best, it is the same in life and there is nothing wrong and everything right about relying on others. We are incredibly grateful to Matt for sharing his story with us.
As a community, we managed to raise just over $900 through the sale of our orange socks and direct donation. Thank you to all who donated or supported the cause. You are still able to donate at any time and keep the support going at the link.