With extreme heat days occurring with greater frequency, Hills Basketball has recently consulted with Basketball Australia and Sports Medicine Australia and revised our Heat Policy. We have also introduced a number of measures to ensure the safety and comfort of our patrons. Besides the policy itself, here are some relevant points regarding heat related issues:

  • The construction of the stadium is such that it is usually significantly cooler than the outside temperature.
  • On predicted extreme heat days, stadium staff take measures in the early morning to circulate as much cool air as possible to provide a manageable starting point.
  • Shade protection has been added to the western wall of the stadium, reducing temperatures on courts 1 & 2 by 5+ degrees.
  • Hills Basketball has recently invested in air curtains which not only act as a barrier to the external hot air but also aid circulation in the foyer.
  • Air circulation in the playing areas is facilitated by industrial sized extractor fans in  the larger hall and pedestal fans in the new hall. These pedestal fans will be replaced in the new year by 2 portable industrial fans, each 2m in diameter.

The measures above were recently tested by two consecutive days where the temperature hit 42 degrees. Maximum temperature inside the stadium during this period was 33.5 degrees, well under the trigger point to postpone or cancel games.

We trust you’ll continue to enjoy your time at Hills Basketball throughout the Summer.