A big congratulations to the Hills Hornets official Michael Beevers, who was recently appointed crew chief of the men’s gold medal match at the Under 20’s Nationals!

Michael had an exceptional performance throughout the campaign, and the gold medal match was no exception. The Hills Basketball Association are incredibly proud of Michael. He is a great example of what you can achieve with a thorough work ethic and dedication.

We spoke with Michael to get some comments about the week.

How was the week relating to the gold medal match?

The week was good, but also mentally and physically tough. Despite being only a 5 day tournament (compared to U18s which is 8 days), we were in camp for 7 days and there is a requirement and expectation to perform from day 1 and match the level of the game produced by the players – which we knew is going to be high. Preparation and recovery was key – so I made sure to get into a routine with food, rest, stretching etc. to ensure I could perform to my best every game. 

Why do you like refereeing?

The reason I enjoy refereeing is definitely for the people. We really are a close knit family and I’ve made friends from all over the country. When I first moved to ACT and then here to NSW, I didn’t really know anyone except for those who I had met from refereeing, and now they are my best mates!

How did the game go?

The final game of a nationals is truly the most enjoyable one of the week. Knowing it is your last game, you can simply just enjoy the game and the atmosphere. The game went well. I was most nervous about throwing the ball up, as I’d had a rough week with that and the pressure was on (by everyone) to make it sure it was straight so the final could get off to a good start. Luckily, once that went up, I could settle and just enjoy the game. It was a close game throughout with the scores changing many times, and a buzzer beater game-winner was a fitting end to the tournament.