Every year a few members of the Hills Basketball community are acknowledged for their contribution through our Annual Association Awards. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank every member of the Hills Hornets Basketball Association for the constant support and hard work throughout the season. Our association is built from the ground up, starting with our hundreds of volunteers that dedicate large parts of their life to supporting our club. 

The following individuals were recognised for their hard work throughout the 2022 season: 

Janet Blanch Trophy Female | Player of the Year | Rhiannon Yetsenga

Delmas Green Trophy Male | Player of the Year | Ben Graham

Richard Slowgrove Trophy | Manager of the Year | Allison Davidson

Evan Bennett Trophy | Association Community Award | Tracey Hudson

Mary Castling Trophy | Scoretable Official of the Year | Luisa Chapman

Karen Marshall Trophy | Statistician of the Year | Emma Claus

Junior Referee of the Year | Holly Powell

Senior Referee of the Year | Jacob Brennan

Steve Nicholls Trophy Contribution to Officials Community | Ron Josephs

Steve Nicholls Trophy Contribution to Officials Community | Shaun Dodds

Coach of the Year | Women’s Program | Lachlan Hudson

Coach of the Year | Men’s Program | Ari Ripoll

Contribution to Coaching Community | Jacob Adan