The Hills Basketball Association would like to congratulate our 2020 I Am A Girl Leadership Scholarship recipients. Each of our scholarship holders has been listed, with quotes taken from their scholarship applications on how the scholarship will benefit them.

The I AM A GIRL Leadership Program provides an opportunity for females to develop leadership skills through courses & seminars, while receiving unique opportunities to develop their preferred facet of the game – playing, refereeing, coaching or officiating.

On Sunday the 23rd of August, the Hills Basketball Association will be launching our I Am A Girl week. Get ready for 8 days of I Am A Girl activities both in the HIVE and online. More details to come soon.


Laura Davidson – “I want to continue being a good role model and show our junior players about succession into womens basketball”

Maddie Emmett – “As I come back from injury I want to continue to develop my skills and set an example for younger girls to never give up”

Sherrie Calleia – “I hope to continue to improve myself as an athlete and person and be a good role model for younger girls at Hills & BNSW”

Paris Roditis – “I would love to achieve my fitness goals and become a better basketball player and team mate”

Taylah Cottees – “This program will help me give back to the Hills Hornets community”

Sarah Tierney – “This scholarship would be the extra step to furthering my refereeing career”

Cassie Obeid – “I would be honoured to represent our association as a hard working and accomplished female referee”

Tyler O’Grady – “Being in a group of other strong female referees will help me recognise my own ability and become more confident”

Tara Wilson – “I want to further my refereeing skills and my leadership skills that can be applied in the outside world”

Keely Marshall – “I could benefit from this as I will have the opportunity to learn from older female coaches who can share their knowledge of coaching”

Emma Soutar – “Being new to the Hills Hornets community, I want to involve myself as much as possible to grow”

Danielle D’Morias – “I aim to set an example of how basketball can impact and shape your life in a positive way”

Sarah Davidson – “I love coaching and want to improve so I can always be at my best”

Jordan Zenere – “Coaching is a big part of my life and I want to ensure I make a meaningful impact on young females, like my coaches did on my basketball experience”

Chloe Erskine – “I hope to gain more guidance in my career and leadership skills to continue towards my career referee goals”

Rachel Hogan – “By being recognised as a role model and someone to turn to for advice, I hope to give back to the Hills community”

Jayna Bonney – “I would love to share my experiences and further grow as a referee coach”