Hills Basketball Association created our 3X3 Representative Teams in 2021 and with the quick growth within the HIVE, we are now thrilled to send all 14 of our 3X3 Representative Teams to compete at 3X3 State Championships in 2023.

Our Hornets 3×3 Representative teams have competed in two State Qualifying events to claim their spot in the NSW State Tournament in January 2023. Of our 14 Representative teams that attended, 12 teams auto qualified with 2 teams earning a wildcard into the tournament. This is an incredible achievement and we wish all the teams luck as they compete to qualify for the 3×3 National event later in the year. 

Below are the results from the events: 

12 Boys Green | Wildcard (Ravindhu Bhareti, Matthew Farrant, Samuel Linsell & Charlie Game)
12 Boys Red | 2nd @ Illawarra (Ethan Gao, Israel Strong, Harrison Tollens & Dezmond Yeung)
12 Girls Green | 2nd @ Blacktown & Illawarra(Luella Bourke, Zoe Heuston, Portia Kearney & Lily Whitford)
12 Girls Red | Wildcard (Zaria Ahmad, Anya Bhatia, Hailey Lam & Mikayla Martin)
14 Boys Green | 1st @ Blacktown & Illawarra (Chadd Ablaza, Ethan Custodio, Oliver Lau & Kavil Singh)
14 Boys Red | 2nd @ Blacktown & Illawarra (Christian Adviento, Jacob Farrant, Luca Tamas & Zachary Thompsett)
14 Girls Green | 2nd @ Blacktown (Lyra Clark, Alicia Fevre, Caitlyn Grima & Maple Strong)
14 Girls Red | 2nd @ Illawarra (Charlotte D’Morias, Sophie Franks-Bugeja, Holly Mulheron & Elishia Singh)
16 Boys Green | 1st @ Blacktown (Jonathon Begnell, Jakeb Duffy, Christian Paino & Rayan Zubair)
16 Boys Red |  2nd @ Blacktown (Callum Dunlop, Bryce McDonald, Jedi Strong & Oliver Suwanto)
16 Girls Green | 1st @ Illawarra (Hannah King, Kiana Pavey, Addison Prakash & Genevieve Sing)
16 Girls Red | 2nd @ Illawarra (Mollie Faehrmann, Alisha Singh & Willow Tucker-Downs)
18 Girls Green | 1st @ Blacktown (Monique Brown, Chelsea Hudson, Nina Marshall & Chloe Garnon)
18 Girls Red | 2nd @ Blacktown (Alannah Ellis, Sophie King, Georgia Hudson & Rhian Roberts)

Congratulations to all the teams who represented the Hills Hornets. We look forward to seeing how these teams continue to develop and compete throughout the year.