2019 & 2020 LIFE MEMBERS

On Saturday 15 May, the Hills Hornets took on the Norths Bears for the annual Life Members Cup. We also celebrated and acknowledged our newly inducted Life Members from 2019 and 2020. A big thank-you to our special guests Basketball NSW CEO Maria Nordstrom, Councillor Brooke Collins OAM and Councillor Frank De Masi from the Hills Shire Council. 

Lauretta Claus | Originally a prominent figure at Bankstown BA, Lauretta’s involvement with the Hornets began in the mid 90s. Over the years Lauretta has filled the role of coach and manager with her children’s local and Rep teams, refereed at local and Rep level and been a member of the HBA Tribunal Panel. It is in the scoretable and statistics arena however where Lauretta has really made her mark. The preeminent position HBA holds in the stats community, acknowledged as amongst the best in Australia, is due in no small part to Lauretta as she has trained and mentored the majority of statisticians in NSW. Her personal representations include local, state, national and international appointments including Chair of the Basketball Australia Statistics Committee and the Oceania FIBA Technical Officials Representative. Nominated by HBA, Lauretta was recently appointed for a second stint on the board of BNSW.

Janice Roditis | Janice is known to most as the friendly face who greets them at reception however her contribution to HBA dates back to the mid 90s. Known to many as Bok, a name she gave herself to note her Chinese heritage, originally acted as team manager for her daughter’s local comp team before moving on to fill a similar role in the Rep program. Multiply that involvement by 4 daughters and you reach a large commitment really quickly. It is often noted that a player’s graduation from juniors usually signals the end of parental involvement however it is to Janice’s great credit that she has maintained high involvement in a variety of roles since her own children made that move. Janice has acted as manager for our Senior Women’s teams and is now a valued member of our scoretable crew. As an employee she goes above and beyond the call of duty and always has the Association’s best interest at heart.

Angus Wildblood | Angus began playing with the Hornets in 1985, just 1 year after the Association tipped off. Over the years Angus has been involved as a local comp and Rep player, a coach, a referee and scoretable official and in more recent times, has become known as the voice of the Hornets via his courtside announcing at senior home games. Besides his official duties, Angus has been a willing volunteer over the years, dating back to his involvement in the Orange Blossom Festival street parades of the early 90s. Angus has been an active member of the Hornets family for around 30 of our 35 year history.

Mike Brotherson | A basketball player for much of his adult life, Mike’s involvement with HBA began in the early 2000s when his sons, Paul and Mitch, first took to the sport. From day one, Mike’s friendly, helpful nature made him the obvious choice as team manager and he filled this role at both local and Rep level. Always keen to be involved as his boys progressed through the ranks, Mike added the coaching string to his bow. Throughout this time, Mike continued to play local comp at Hills and even donned the Hornets Representative uniform, playing in the Masters competition. Mike was always the first one to volunteer for any additional tasks to assist the Association and while the involvement of many parents dwindles once their children move out of juniors, this was not the case with Mike. In more recent times Mike continued an active involvement with HBA through his valuable contribution as part of our scoretable crew. Unfortunately Mike was taken from us far too soon and passed away in April 2019. Mike’s nomination for Hornets Life membership was inevitable and while it’s sad he is not with us to receive the honour, his family is proud to accept the nomination on his behalf.

Ros Graham | Ros began playing local comp at Hills in the 90s and before too long her involvement was ramped up via her three sons, Tim, Nick and Ben. Ros filled both coaching and team manager positions at both local and Representative level for many years. Ros is yet another person who has given back to the Association outside her family group, managing a number of junior girls Rep team across several seasons, boasting State and National Tournaments on her managerial resume. Ros continues as a member of our Scoretable and Statistics fraternity and has represented HBA at local, state, national and international level in these capacities.

Jo Taylor | Jo’s personality has shone through since the first day she walked through the doors of Hills Basketball Stadium in the mid-2000s with her daughter Aidan. Friendly and outgoing, she immediately also proved herself to be helpful, volunteering to assist in any way she could. Following a familiar path, Jo was coach, team manager and mother figure to several of her daughter’s local comp teams before moving into the role of Rep team manager. Again highlighting her willingness to assist the Association, Jo also coached teams without any family involvement. Continuing a theme for this year’s candidates which highlights the value the Hornets put on this contribution, Jo continued her involvement after Aidan moved out of the junior ranks. Jo now undertakes both paid and volunteer roles for HBA and is probably best known as the face of Hills on Rep days, greeting Hornets and visiting teams alike as if they were guests in her home.